Hi Cheryl, can you tell us about a book that has had a meaningful impact on you?

I am a health coach, internationally best-selling author, speaker and podcaster and an expert on toxins in our lives that are making us ill. I have 2 main books, It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great again, about the hundreds of toxins I eliminated from my own life when I got autoimmune disease in order to return to a pain free body. My second book, Feeling Good, Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life, is about how I now still have a social life but do not eat the American Standard Diet. I coach and speak to people with chronic illnesses to bring them hope and inspire them to adopt healthy habits and I write and speak and do my podcasts to bring them hope that if they own their own health, they can return to relative wellness.

The first photo of me is at KGEM our local community TV station preparing to record another podcast

The next photo is at the LA Book Fair where I was there doing a book signing for my first book.

This photo is from  Sedona up on the plateau by the airport.  We had just had a huge thunderstorm and went up to view the rainbows.  My hubby took this photo with the rainbow going into my head.  *smile*

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?

I am very passionate to help others discover the keys to wellness that I discovered. I want people to “hear” what I have to share with them and bring them hope that they can also do the same. My first book has won 15 awards and my second book just its first award, and it was just published. The two book set was just awarded GOLD by Mom’s Choice Awards. I have learned that it takes 16 touch points for someone to hear new information, so I keep repositioning my message because I believe it has so much value to anyone with chronic illness. And I keep finding new ways to bring my message out to the world. I have 2 main books and 2 little books, I have guested on close to 200 podcasts to talk about what I have learned that I want to help others discover. I believe that Toxins at all levels in our lives are making us sick, they are what is wrong with our health care system. and they are the reason over 50% of our children have chronic illnesses and why our pets have a significantly lower life expectancy. We are eating chemicals that offer nothing to sustain our bodies, and the chemicals are in all of our everyday products. My brand is Cheryl M Health Muse, Muse, because I want to inspire you to cook and eat real whole foods and to clean up. My moniker is It does Feel Good to Feel Good. Its never too late to put healthy habits into place.

This photo is of me with my second book which has now won 4 awards and was just published May 2020.  My first book has now won 15 awards.

I love my office in the back of a GYM in Monrovia, CA.  I just haven’t gotten to use it a lot since I moved in right before Covid-19.  I do have it set up so that we can stay 6 ft apart.


I like to tease “If only I were Wonder Woman”.  She fought the Duke of Deception and Dr. Poison who are the same Dudes that I am fighting.  I don’t have her super powers, but I am armed with tons of important information to win the battle.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?

If I had a dear friend come and visit, we would spend a good part of our time in nature in California and Arizona where we have a second home. Because I don’t eat the Standard American Diet any longer, I would do research and choose restaurants carefully and discuss whether they are farm to table with healthy foods they could prepare for us. I live close to the San Gabriel Mountains, so we would do some forest bathing in my local area, we would visit the LA Arboretum, we would head to the Malibu Mountains, and we would spend time at our sensational California beaches. We would head up the California coast to the Big Sur area to a lovely old motel called Deeters which was built when highway 1 was constructed and there is a fabulous 5 star organic restaurant there for food. We would head to Sedona AZ where is it very easy to find delicious organic farm to table food and the scenery is spectacular. I would show them the areas that I feel most at home with the speak to my soul. We have a small fridge in our car, so we would take healthy food along to do picnics in all the spectacular places we would visit.

This is my 2 book set, available over on Heavenly Tree Press my publishing website.  You can buy my set there, read reviews about my books there, take a listen to my podcasts there.  Its a great way to get tons of free tips to sustainably upgrade your health.  https://heavenlytreepress.com/

This is me at a speaking engagement in Sacramento talking to a group of women about raising healthy children.  The information will help you upgrade your health and the health of your children.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?

When I got sick, my conventional MD had no idea what was wrong with me. Wanted me to take steroids and seek mental therapy. My shout out is to the Functional Medical Community. I had no idea what I was looking for when I started to research and I tripped into the functional community. They were running a series of 19 symposiums on the functional approach to different ailments of the body. Most of the functional practitioners had gotten ill themselves and couldn’t help themselves, so they went back to get certification in the functional approach. My new Functional MD went to Yale, but she is also certified in Functional Medicine. A functional MD looks at the whole body. As I listened to all this information there were some themes that kept coming up. It sounded like I had autoimmune disease and that ended up being confirmed by my functional MD when I found her. It sounded like I had “leaky gut” and there were two things I could do that would improve my health that I could do myself. I could start to eliminate toxins and I could reduce my stress. I knew my cortisol was so low that I was borderline Addision’s disease. It took me 5 years to reduce hundreds of toxins in my life, and I found a series of exercises that take less than 3 minutes to lower my stress. At the end of 5 years I no longer had the horrific pain of my disease. I went back to school at 67 to become a health coach so that I could help others, and when I graduated I started writing my books.

If you have a health issue and your conventional MD is not finding your root cause, my MD is in Studio City, CA and she is truly amazing.  https://www.sayanamedical.com/shilpa-sayana-md

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